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Sewage Treatment Plant – Northampton

Sewage Treatment Plant at Government Site in Northamptonshire.

Installation of pH balancing system.

Case Brief

The existing treatment plant was experiencing pH balancing issues due to the lack of primary balancing of raw sewage influent. This posed a risk of breaching E.A. consent limits. The client were looking for a temporary treatment solution that would combat the pH issues ahead of installing a balancing tank.

JEMS were commissioned to install a caustic dosing system to balance the pH in the short-term whilst design of primary balancing tank was agreed.

The existing plant consistes of a raw sump, splitter chamber, aeration vessels, humus settlement tank and v-notch weir box.


JEMS installed a caustic dosing system to balance the pH within the aeration lanes for the short-term future. A safety shower was also installed for site operators.


The installation has proved successful as the aeration lane pH is now sustained at normal levels. This ensures treatment is always being achieved and that the bio-sludge is healthy.

The long-term solution will be to install a primary balancing tank to spread the flow and treatment over a 24 hour period.