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Root Vegetable Manufacturer – Yorkshire

Case Study: Root Vegetable Food Manufacturer, Yorkshire


Installation of long-term hire plant.


Case Brief

The existing treatment plant was failing to meet the consent levels and the client was tankering on a daily basis. The client were looking for a robust treatment solution that would meet the consent requirements of the local water authority’s receiving sewer and reduce the level of tankering.

JEMS were commissioned to install a hire-plant for a large UK water company who were the main contractor. The plant was installed within a limited time-frame as the client was paying a considerable amount in daily tankers.

The existing plant consisted of a raw sump, screen, aeration vessels, and membrane bio-reactor.


JEMS installed the new treatment plant to include a primary settlement tank, two submerged-aerated filters in parallel, Lamella plate separator and sand filters. A sludge centrifuge was also installed to further reduce tanker requirements.


The installation has proved successful on three counts: firstly, operating costs have reduced by 90% as tankering is now significantly reduced; secondly the effluent quality is well within the consent limits imposed by Yorkshire Water, thus reducing The Client’s discharge costs, thirdly The Primary Contractor is earning a regular income through long-term hire of the plant.